Business Analyst-Documents-TOC (Table of Content)

Table of content plays very vital role for narrating any documentation,People transgressed most of the time by lack of knowledge or The template which they download from Google  or any other sources does not have all the knowledge areas.

Please find high level TOC (Table of Content) and keep us posted,if you want to append any content moving forward .

Project vision document

The Project vision document contains:
Description of users in the system
Project stakeholders
Product Overview
Product Features
Product requirements
Quality/documentation requirements

 Requirement Management Plan

The Requirement Management Plan contains:
 Purpose of plan
Responsibility assignment
Tools and procedures to be used
Approach towards defining requirements
Approach towards Requirements Traceability
Workflows and Activities
Change Management

Use Cases

The Use Case document contains:

Post Condition



 Normal Flow
 Alternative Flows
 Special Requirements

 Notes and Issues

Business Requirement Document

The Business Requirement Document contains:
Project Background
 Business goals and objectives
 Requirement scope
 Functional requirements
 Data requirements
 Non-functional requirements
 Interface requirements
 Business glossary/Definitions
 Dependencies of existing systems

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

The Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)contains:
 Requirement ID
 Requirement Description
 Functional Requirement
 Architectural/Design Document
 Technical Specification
 Software Module
 Test Case Number
 Tested In

 Functional requirement specification

The Functional requirement specification (FRS)/Functional Specification Document (FSD) contains:
 Product Context
 Assumptions Requirement
 Constraints Requirement
 Dependencies Requirement
 Functional Requirements
 User Interface Requirements
 Usability Requirement
 Performance Requirement
 Manageability/Maintainability Requirement
 System Interface/Integration Requirement
 Security Requirement
 Requirements Confirmation/sign-off

System requirement specification (SRS)

The System requirement specification (SRS)/ System Requirement Document (SRD) contains:
Product Perspective
 Product Functions
 User Characteristics
 General Constraints
 Assumptions and Dependencies
 External Interface Requirements
 Functional Requirements
 Classes / Objects
 Non-Functional Requirements
 Inverse Requirements
 Design Constraints
 Sequence Diagrams
 Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)
 State-Transition Diagrams (STD)
 Change Management Process

 Test Case

The components of a test case are:
 Test Case ID
 Test Scenario
 Test Data
 Test Steps
 Expected Results
 Actual Result
 Test Environment


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