Who can become Business Analyst ?

Practically speaking everyone in this world are Business Analyst, but few of them are good Business Analyst.To become good Business Analyst you required common sense, basic skills, Good Communication skills, Documentation skills, Problem Solving and Domain Knowledge (Nice to have-not mandatory).

If your able to solve problems, which you encountered in your life and come across with effective solution for the problem,this is nothing but Business Analysis job or Role or Responsibilities in real world.The only difference,when we work in an organization,we deal with IT problem and solution.

I hope cleaver people do the fallowing task to solve the problem in life.

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Analyzing the Problem
  3. Root-cause-Analysis for the evolution of the problem
  4. Discussing with Friends and peers and finding out the solution.
  5. Impact analysis(Impact of solution on other areas/modules)
  6. Feasibility study(Solution Feasibility)
  7. Implementing of Solution effectively to the problem
  8. Taking extra precaution,not to encounter with same problem again and again.
  9. Documentation (If Possible).

Any individual who possess all the above 9 characteristic can become Business Analyst(Not Good Business Analyst).To me become good Business Analyst,must and should have few basic skills sets like Tools,Competencies ,knowledge areas,Documentation Skills and Problem solving skills along with above 9 points.

Please find below image from IIBA ,career for any individual to aspire to become Business Analyst.

BA 2

Ashok Dash


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