What is Business Process Re-Engineering ?Define concept and Principle to adopt ?

Business process re-engineering is the process of analyzing and re-design of existing workflow in the system to optimize end to end process and eliminate of non-value added task from system to make it automate. Main reason behind adopting BPR is to improve quality of service, time management, speed, lower cost and profitability.

Three basic concepts for successful implementation of BPR

  1. How business processes currently operate (AS-IS Flow).
  2. How to redesign these processes to eliminate the wasted and improve efficiency (TO-BE or Proposed)
  3. Implement list of changes to gain competitiveness and steam line the process.


8 Basic principal must and should consider for the implementation.

  1. Develop Vision and Objective
  2. Understanding Existing Process
  3. Identify Process for re-design
  4. Identify Change Levers
  5. Implement the new process
  6. Make new Process Operation
  7. Evaluate the process
  8. Ongoing Continues Operation


Ashok Das




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