What were the risks involved in the project? How did you come with the solutions for those risks?

What were the risks involved in the project? How did you come with the solutions for those risks?

There were several risks involved in the project:

Securities Regulations: During this project there were a lot of regulations involved which needed to be considered while developing the site. For example: who should be given what kind of access to the system, what path will the document follow and within how much time the sanctions has to be done by an individual (Reg. T) etc. I made sure that all these regulations should be inducted in the requirements documents and has to be highlighted in the features of the system through the specification document.

The other risk was the site had to integrate the central trading application within CO without changing current system logic.

Another risk was to follow a very formal business process as chartered by the SEC. This was mitigated by various checkpoints and especially understanding the current business process in detail by all of us in the team.

The dramatic fluctuations of trading volumes (from month-to-month and hour-to-hour) needed to be accommodated.

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Ashok Dash




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