What is Business Analyst ?

Business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. These solutions may include improvement of business processes, accommodating/incorporating new processes or strategic planning and policy development. The person who performs this role of identification and determination is called a business analyst or BA.

Business Analyst works along with the Technical team and act as a liaison between stakeholder of the client and the technical team.He is the face of the Technical team to the client and all the client communications will happen through Business Analyst.

Business Analyst plays very vital role in the organization,He is responsible for collecting/Gathering requirement using elicitation techniques,Analyzing requirement,Documentation of requirements,Validate the requirement and communicate the same to the developer and make them to understand project Goal and objectives what we are trying to achieve moving froward.

Clients do not have the time to make the technical team understand how business operations, processes, compliances and competitors work; nor does the project manager have time to make business people understand how technology worked.

This position of a BA actually fills this gap, to make the project successful. A professional with domain knowledge (finance, healthcare, service industry, manufacturing or FMCG) can work as a Functional Business Analyst and the technical team (IT, Engineering and systems) can work as Business Analyst/ Technical Analyst / Systems Analyst.Business Analyst understand the business problem of the client,and recommends optimal solution that enable the organization to achieve its goal.

Day-to-day life,when we encounter with any problem,we used to do lot of work(discuss with friends,Talk to our Boss or Superior etc) and come with solution to the problem,the same rule applies to Business Analyst working in an organization,First he focuses how to provide a solution by communicating with peer’s ,Project Manager ,stakeholders,SME’s .

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